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Can a Loan Modification Prevent Foreclosure on Your Home?

If you are behind in your mortgage payments, a loan modification may be an option to help you prevent foreclosure on your home. But a loan modification has advantages and disadvantages, which you should fully understand before you decide it’s the r… Read More
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Concept of eminent domain

How Does the Eminent Domain Process Work in Kansas?

Governments and certain quasi-governmental entities (like utilities) have the ability to take private property for public use on payment of just compensation. This authority is called the power of eminent domain. Exercise of the power occurs through… Read More
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grandparent visitation rights

Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in Kansas?

Grandparents and grandchildren often have a special bond. Sometimes, changes in a family’s situation can affect a grandparent’s ability to spend time with a grandchild. Under a Kansas law, a grandparent may be able ask a court for visitation righ… Read More
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Estate Planning Terminology for Non-Lawyers

When you decide to create an estate plan, you may encounter unfamiliar terminology that makes the process somewhat confusing. To make the estate planning process more easily understood, the estate planning lawyers at Sloan Law firm compiled this summ… Read More
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Comparative Negligence Rules in Kansas Personal Injury Cases

If you receive injuries caused by another person, you may have a personal injury claim. Examples include auto accidents, dangerous property injuries (like a slip and fall), and harm from defective products. To recover compensation, the injured person… Read More
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What Is Probate of an Estate?

Probate is a legal process established by Kansas law for settling and distributing the estate of a person who passes away. The statutes contain complex provisions for determining the correct process for administration and probate of an estate, based… Read More
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Personal Injury Protection

Kansas No-Fault Personal Injury Protection

A Kansas law establishes a no-fault auto insurance system in the state. Personal Injury Protection, known as PIP, is one of the types of coverage required for car owners. Everyone who owns a car, drives, or rides in an automobile should understand th… Read More
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distracted driving accident

Distracted Driving Accidents

Kansas law makes it illegal to text while driving, because texting creates a driver distraction that causes accidents. Other forms of distracted driving are equally dangerous, even though they may not be illegal. If you receive injuries because of a… Read More
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foreclosure defense attorney

Foreclosure Defense Strategy Tips to Help Keep Your Home

You don’t need to lose your home when you can’t pay your mortgage. Contrary to what you may hear, bankruptcy may not be the only option. But you must take action if you want to keep your home. The mortgage foreclosure defense lawyers at Sloan Law… Read More
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business tax planning

Business Tax Planning and Filing

The goals of every Kansas business include minimizing taxes, while ensuring compliance with federal and state statutory and regulatory requirements. Accomplishing that goal requires understanding key considerations that are essential in the current e… Read More
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