A set of car keys sitting on the table next to Marijuana. DUID Defense Concept

Defending Against a Kansas DUI for Drugs (DUID)

Even though most people associate a DUI (driving under the influence) charge with alcohol, Kansas law also prohibits driving under the influence of drugs. Drugged driving charges, sometimes referred to as DUID, involve operating a vehicle when under… Read More
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Limited Liability Company on the sticky notes with bokeh background

Should You Form an LLC for Your Business?

Choosing the legal structure for your business is one of the most important business decisions you make. The choice of entity affects legal liability, taxation, and business operations. A limited liability company or LLC is a popular choice for new a… Read More
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Legal documents for last will and testament on desk last will and testament with dollar , certificate and key. Concept for personal representative.

Does the Personal Representative of an Estate Need a Probate Lawyer?

If you are named as the personal representative of your loved one’s estate through their Last Will and Testament (commonly referred to as an executor), you may wonder if you should get help from a probate attorney to settle the estate. While Kansas… Read More
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Businessman using tablet and laptop for analyzing data stock market in monitoring room background, forex trading graph, stock exchange trading online, financial investment concept. All on laptop screen are designed up. concept for digital assets.

Does Your Estate Plan Include Your Digital Assets?

If you use a computer, mobile device like a cell phone, or any other electronic device, you probably have digital assets. Like any other property you own, those assets need to be addressed in your estate plan. If they are not, significant problems ca… Read More
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Personal injury compensation form on a desk with a calculator, pen, glasses, mobile phone and digital tablet.

Calculation of Compensation in a Kansas Personal Injury Case

If you receive injuries due to the negligence of another person, Kansas law may allow you to recover compensation from the at-fault party. Damages is the term often used to describe this compensation. When a claim meets all the legal requirements, th… Read More
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Puzzle house is divided into two equal parts by a lawyer in a divorce process. Disputes over fair division of marital property real estate.

Dividing Marital Property in a Kansas Divorce

If a married couple gets a Kansas divorce, a state statute gives the court the authority to determine an equitable division of the marital property as part of the divorce proceeding. In many divorce cases, the spouses can reach an agreement on proper… Read More
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A young woman, being stopped by police at night for a traffic violation.

What Is the Kansas Implied Consent Law for DUI?

The State of Kansas, like all other states, has an implied consent law that applies to any driver pulled over on suspicion of DUI. Under the law, by exercising the privilege of driving a vehicle in the state, a driver has a legal obligation to consen… Read More
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Rose with sunset symbolizing death, loss, estate planning and probate

Steps to Take After a Loved One Passes Away

Losing a loved one is among life’s most difficult challenges. While you and your family grieve your loss, it can be hard to focus on the steps to take after a loved one passes away. Getting assistance from an attorney can ease your burden and allow… Read More
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Female businessperson signs contract. Close up of female hand signing formal paper on the office table. Concept of Importance of Business Contracts.

Why Are Contracts Important for Your Business?

When you own a business, you enter into numerous contracts that affect your operations and address a wide range of matters, from financing the business and securing supplies to hiring employees. The terms of each business contract establish your lega… Read More
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Estate Plan, Living Will, and Healthcare Power of Attorney documents concepts for do-it-yourself estate planning

3 Risks of Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning

DIY Estate Planning The do-it-yourself approach is wonderful for many things. But DIY estate planning poses significant risks to you, your family, and your assets. Getting help from a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer is the only way to ensure tha… Read More
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