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living will

Do I Need a Living Will?

Before you decide whether you need a living will in your estate plan, it’s important to understand the limited scope of the document and what it accomplishes — as well as what it does not accomplish. If you make a living will, it is only one part… Read More
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insurance dispute lawyers

Kansas Insurance Dispute Lawyers

Insurance policies provide protection against loss — or at least that’s the purpose of buying insurance. Sometimes insurance companies pay claims without a problem. But what happens if you file a claim and the insurance company denies it? In some… Read More
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Fighting over money

How the Child Tax Credit Works in a Divorce

Married couples with children face a number of tax issues that must be resolved if the parents decide to end the marriage. One important question is which parent claims the child tax credit (CTC) after divorce, since only one parent can take the cred… Read More
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filling an Unemployment claim

Kansas Unemployment Claims and Appeals

For many people, employment difficulties arising from the Covid-19 pandemic continue at the present time. The State of Kansas provides financial unemployment benefits for many affected individuals. However, receiving the benefits you deserve is not a… Read More
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Pedestrian Accidents and Wrongful Death Claims

Pedestrian accidents frequently cause extremely serious or fatal injuries. Personal injury cases from these accidents are complex, for a number of reasons. A pedestrian fatality may give rise to a wrongful death claim by family members, as well as a… Read More
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Markey Wins International Writing Competition

Sloan Law Firm is excited to announce that Brigid Markey has won the 2021 Hofstra Law Family Law Writing Competition. Read More
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Foreclosure notice with judge's gavel to stop foreclosure

How To Avoid and Stop Foreclosure

If you fall behind in your mortgage payments, the possibility that you may lose your home can make you feel devastated and helpless. The worst approach in that situation is ignoring notices from your lender and doing nothing. Most people don’t real… Read More
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hand stealing a house

Eminent Domain – Condemnation

Eminent domain is the power of government and certain quasi-governmental entities, like utilities, to take private property for public use. The United States Constitution permits the taking of private property for public use but only upon “just com… Read More
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Estate planning book

Why You Need an Estate Plan

When you make an estate plan, you accomplish much more than just deciding what happens to your property after death. Creating an estate plan is one of the most significant steps you can take to protect your loved ones and yourself in the future. Your… Read More
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real estate love letter from man in suit

Real Estate Love Letters: A Heartfelt Enticement or a Forbidden Affair?

Housing inventory is low across the country, leading to increasingly competitive markets for potential buyers looking to purchase a home. In an effort to stand out to sellers, some buyers have started including letters with their offers but these … Read More
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