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Kansas Divorce and Family…

At Sloan Law Firm, we recognize that few things are as deeply personal and emotional as disputes involving your marriage or children. Divorce, separation, child custody and support disputes and domestic violence are all issues that can deeply affect a person’s life. That is why we have several Kansas divorce lawyers who are well versed in navigating these issues to help you find resolution.

Our family law attorneys are experienced in handling both simple and complex divorces, including property, asset and debt division as well as the child custody, support and parenting time issues that come up in both divorce and paternity cases. We also have several attorneys experienced in assisting our clients obtain protection from abuse or stalking orders, when necessary, or defending against false claims of abuse or stalking. Among our family law team are two Kansas Supreme Court approved domestic mediators who give our team a balanced and reasonable approach to solving these complicated issues.

Sloan Law Firm also has experience in Kansas child in need of care (CINC) cases, representing parents working to regain custody of their children and serving as guardian ad litem for children who have been abused or neglected.

Our team at Sloan Law Firm also enjoys sharing in the happy times with your family, including assisting with adoptions. Among other strengths, our family law attorneys have experience finalizing step parent adoptions and are at the cutting edge of developing law, assisting same-sex clients with adoption and custody matters.

We welcome you to contact us for help with a Kansas divorce or family law matter. Our Kansas divorce lawyers work with clients from our offices in Topeka and Lawrence. Call (800) 369-6311 or contact Sloan Law Firm online.

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