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Family & Divorce Law

Few legal matters are as deeply personal and emotional as issues involving family. Whether you need assistance with separation or divorce, child custody or support, or another domestic concern, or need a divorce lawyer or family law attorney in any capacity, Sloan Law Firm can provide the support and legal counsel to help you navigate successfully through the process.

Our Family Law Services

Our lawyers assist clients with the full range of family matters that arise under Kansas laws. Our goal is to fully protect your rights and find solutions that resolve your concerns and minimize the emotional stress and toll of the situation. While avoiding family law disputes is not always possible, having our Sloan Law Firm attorneys on your side provides you with assurance and confidence to get through the legal process and look forward to your future.

Divorce and Separation

If you consider a divorce or separation, one of the first steps to take is discussing your situation with a knowledgeable family law attorney. At the very beginning, it’s important to understand your options and related legal processes. It’s also essential to learn what rights you have that need to be protected.

A divorce is not only about ending the marital relationship. Depending on the circumstances, your divorce may involve issues relating to your children, including custody, support, and visitation. Division of marital assets also is often a central issue in a divorce case. While spouses can sometimes reach an agreement on these difficult issues, legal representation in the process is critical to ensuring that you protect your legal rights involving your children and property.

Our divorce lawyer services include assisting spouses with legal separation, also known as separate maintenance or alimony. Complex legal rules govern maintenance issues. Help from an attorney is virtually essential to ensuring that you receive what you deserve under Kansas law.

Our family law attorneys at Sloan Law Firm help clients with all types of divorces, from simple and uncontested to complex situations with hotly contested disputes relating to children and property. We have the knowledge and experience to help you explore options and potential resolutions and ultimately resolve the legal issues, regardless of what concerns arise in the process.

Child Custody, Child Support and Visitation

Issues and disputes relating to children are often the most difficult disputes to resolve, whether they occur in the context of a divorce, after a divorce, or outside marriage. Complicated laws govern the court’s authority and decision-making process in matters involving children, with the best interests of the children always being the central focus.

When problems arise involving custody or support of children, including visitation and parenting time, our family law attorneys at Sloan Law Firm help you navigate through the legal process to resolve whatever issues exist. Our in-depth experience spans the full range of legal matters involving children. We are here to help no matter what concerns you encounter.


Our lawyers at Sloan Law Firm assist clients with the adoption process. Among other strengths, our family law attorneys have experience finalizing step parent adoptions and are at the cutting edge of developing law, assisting same-sex clients with adoption and custody matters.

Other Family Law Matters

Our comprehensive family law legal services include a wide range of other types of matters, including:

Regardless of what family law concerns you have, our Sloan Law Firm family law attorneys are here to help you navigate through the issues and the legal process.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

In some circumstances, a mediator or alternative dispute resolution can help parties find solutions without prolonged litigation, with both parties working together to find a resolution. In addition to providing legal services for family law matters, including representation in mediation, Sloan Law Firm has Kansas Supreme Court Approved mediators, conciliators, and case managers who are also experienced litigators.

Our lawyers can serve as a third-party neutral to help parties cooperatively find an agreeable solution to family law disagreements. Please visit our Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution page for more information.

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