Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Helping people navigate their own solutions.

When disputes arise whether in the context of a divorce, a custody dispute or a civil action, the cost and stress of litigation can feel overwhelming. Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution can find solutions for parties without prolonged litigation and with input from both sides to reach a resolution.

Sloan Law Firm has Kansas Supreme Court Approved mediators, conciliators and case managers who are also experienced litigators. Our attorneys understand the body of law surrounding your situation. While mediators are not going to give legal advice, they can draw on that experience to help parties have a productive conversation and negotiation that leads to a client-focused resolution. By choosing Sloan Law Firm to serve as your third-party neutral, you can rest assured that your third-party neutral understands the court and litigation process with its inherent risks.

How Our Topeka and Lawrence Teams Help

Let our mediators help you resolve a conflict in a way that allows for your input and negotiation. Our third-party neutral practice offers the following:

Kansas Civil Litigation Mediators

Mediating civil court actions ranging from personal injury actions, employer/employee disputes, real estate and other property disputes, and all manner of cases that could be brought in Kansas courts.

Domestic Mediation

Mediating Divorces, Parentage Actions, Custody and Parenting Time Disputes and Debt and Asset Division within the state of Kansas.

Domestic Conciliation

Conciliators can resolve disputes regarding Divorces, Child Custody and Parenting Time in the state of Kansas, often saving families from the stress of courtroom battles over these issues.

Guardian Ad Litem

A Guardian Ad Litem can represent the best interests of the children during a Divorce, Custody or Parenting Time dispute; and

Case Managers

Domestic Case Managers can work with parents in conflict to help with problem-solving and co-parent communication as a way to reduce conflict and improve the co-parenting relationship. Our attorneys have years of experience as case managers and understand the sensitive nature of these disputes.

Sloan Law Firm: Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Firm in Kansas

We welcome you to contact us today to mediate your dispute. We work with clients in both our Topeka and Lawrence offices as well as videoconferencing when one party is out of the area. Call today (800)-369-6311 or contact Sloan Law Firm online.