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Concept of eminent domain

How Does the Eminent Domain Process Work in Kansas?

Governments and certain quasi-governmental entities (like utilities) have the ability to take private property for public use on payment of just compensation. This authority is called the power of eminent domain. Exercise of the power occurs through… Read More
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hand stealing a house

Eminent Domain – Condemnation

Eminent domain is the power of government and certain quasi-governmental entities, like utilities, to take private property for public use. The United States Constitution permits the taking of private property for public use but only upon “just com… Read More
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real estate love letter from man in suit

Real Estate Love Letters: A Heartfelt Enticement or a Forbidden Affair?

Housing inventory is low across the country, leading to increasingly competitive markets for potential buyers looking to purchase a home. In an effort to stand out to sellers, some buyers have started including letters with their offers but these … Read More
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