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Vern Jarboe, President, Sloan Law Firm



Janice Ayers

Topeka Office

Janice Ayers is a PACE registered paralegal®, working primarily with attorneys Alan Johnson, Steve Lanterman, Danielle Davey and Aaron Bailey. Janice assists with all stages of litigation from filing of a new case and service of process to issuance of subpoenas and collection of judgments. Janice also assists clients with employment related claims in navigating the administrative complaint process. She has also taken the lead in educating the Sloan Team about the new electronic filing system in Kansas.

Debbie Cottingham

Topeka Office

Debbie Cottingham is a CORE registered paralegal®, working primarily with attorneys Vern Jarboe and Brian Jacques. Debbie assists primarily with estate planning, probate and land transactions. Debbie has been with Sloan Law Firm since 1982 and continues to be a valuable asset to the Sloan team.

Emily Leeper

Topeka Office

Emily joined Sloan Law Firm in 2014 as the primary receptionist for the then-three Sloan Law Firm offices as well as assisting with several administrative functions. In July 2015, Emily began working exclusively for Vern Jarboe, assisting with his scheduling, billing and various administrative functions. In April 2016, Emily began working with Jim McEntire and Allison Hibler assisting with family law matters.  Emily has a Bachelor's degree in legal studies and is working toward becoming a PACE certified paralegal.


Glenda Van Syoc

Topeka Office

Glenda Van Syoc is a PACE registered paralegal®, working primarily with attorneys Art Glassman, Jim McEntire and Allison Hibler. Glenda spends her time assisting with corporate transactional matters and a wide array of family law matters. Glenda has been with Sloan Law Firm since 1983.



 Melanie Weaver

Lawrence Office

Melanie Weaver joined Sloan Law Firm as a paralegal in the Lawrence office in July 2015. Melanie brings a vast array of experience to the Lawrence office where she assists attorneys Shaye Downing,  Emily Hartz, Tai Vokins and Krystal Vokins with an assortment of family law and litigation tasks.


Legal Assistants


 Cathy Griffin

Topeka Office

Cathy Griffin joined Sloan Law Firm for the second time in 2002, after working as an assistant in the 1990s. Cathy keeps very busy assisting Jim McEntire, Steve Lanterman, Michael Heptig and Allison Hibler with a wide array of administrative functions including scheduling and various collection matters. Cathy also assists Vern Jarboe with K.A.R. Hotline calls and miscellaneous administrative tasks.


 Francie Herman

Topeka Office

Francie joined Sloan Law Firm in February 2016 as an assistant for Gregory Lee, Alan Johnson, Danielle Davey and Kelly Trussell.  Francie has a BGS from the University of Kansas and some coursework toward a paralegal certificate from Fort Hays State.  Francie has worked with Mr. Lee since 2005 and assists with civil litigation, real estate, probate, electrical cooperatives and miscellaneous administrative duties.



Ana Parra

Lawrence Office

Ana Parra joined Sloan Law Firm in its Lawrence office in 2016. Ana assists Shaye Downing, Emily Hartz, Tai Vokins and Krystal Vokins with a wide assortment of administrative tasks, including scheduling.


Jill Skowronski

Topeka Office

Jill Skowronski joined Sloan Law Firm in 2001. Jill assists Mr. Glassman with administrative tasks including scheduling and billing and works closely with him addressing the needs of corporate clients.


Colleen Wright

Topeka Office

Colleen Wright joined Sloan Law Firm for the second time in 2011, after initially working as an assistant in 1988-1989. Colleen assists Brian Jacques, Aaron Bailey and Ryan Brungardt in Topeka. Colleen keeps busy assisting with various estate planning and probate matters as well as commercial transactions.

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