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Many smaller Kansas businesses do not need or have the resources for full-time in-house legal counsel and human resources staff but do require legal counsel for business concerns. Even larger companies sometimes require assistance with specific matters from an outside counsel. Regardless of your circumstances, our business attorneys at Sloan Law Firm assist with the full range of business and commercial matters relating to formation and structure, ongoing operations, mergers and acquisitions, dissolution, and litigation. From our offices in Topeka and Lawrence, we work with businesses of all sizes and types throughout the State of Kansas.

Business Formation & Structure

Whether you are establishing a new business or have an existing business, determining the legal structure of your business is one of your most important decisions. Even if you started a business with one type of structure, it may be beneficial to change the legal entity type as your enterprise grows and changes.

Kansas offers choices for the legal structure of a business, including sole proprietorship, LLC (Limited Liability Company), partnership, and corporation. If you choose the popular LLC structure, you can opt to be taxed as an S corporation. Determination of the best structure for your business involves a range of considerations, with taxation and liability among the most important. Our business attorneys at Sloan Law Firm help you navigate through the decision-making process to ensure you make the right decision.

After you settle on the structure for your business, implementing the decision requires putting the right documentation in place and taking all the steps required under Kansas laws. Our business attorneys assist with all the necessary organizational documents and filings, to ensure compliance with all the state and federal requirements.

Business Operations

After your business is up and running, ongoing assistance from legal counsel is essential to minimize risks and liability and protect your rights in commercial transactions that are integral to your operations. Our business attorneys at Sloan Law Firm can provide the necessary advice and representation in the full range of areas affecting businesses, including:

  • Contract preparation and review
  • Employment matters
  • Real estate transactions
  • Tax planning and filing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sale or dissolution
  • Bankruptcy creditor rights
  • Business and commercial litigation
  • Financial institutions law
  • Estate planning related to your business

Family-Owned & Family-Operated Businesses

Many Kansas businesses are family owned and operated. A family business poses special legal concerns that are not present in non-family enterprises. Business and estate planning, as well as succession, are critical in a family business. Addressing those matters is essential to continuing the business operations when changes in the family occur.

Our business attorneys at Sloan Law Firm have extensive experience helping Kansas families with the complex issues inherent in owning a family business. When we assist with your family business, we get to know you and your family and understand your business and personal goals and wishes. We make certain that you have all the right protections in place to ensure continuation of your business well into the future.

Family businesses require ongoing legal assistance with business operations, just as any business does. Besides ensuring the stability and longevity of your family operation, our business attorneys help your family with all the legal matters that arise during your business. Whether you need assistance with routine or complex contract matters, real estate transactions, or any of the other types of concerns that a business faces, we work closely with your family to protect your business, minimize risks and liabilities, and help your family business grow.

Business & Commercial Litigation

When your business encounters a matter involving potential or actual litigation, our business and commercial litigation attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate through the issues and find a solution. The breadth of our practice areas enables us to address the full range of litigation-related concerns that arise throughout the business lifecycle.

Litigation can impact business operations on both day-to-day and long-range basis, so addressing potential concerns as soon as they arise is extremely important. Often, actual litigation can be avoided by resolving issues early in the process. Our business attorneys and litigation team are here to help your business whenever a matter involving potential litigation arises.

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