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Comparative Negligence ConceptHand turns dice and changes the expression

Comparative Negligence Rules in Kansas Personal Injury Cases

If you receive injuries caused by another person, you may have a personal injury claim. Examples include auto accidents, dangerous property injuries (like a slip and fall), and harm from defective products. To recover compensation, the injured person… Read More
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Personal Injury Protection

Kansas No-Fault Personal Injury Protection

A Kansas law establishes a no-fault auto insurance system in the state. Personal Injury Protection, known as PIP, is one of the types of coverage required for car owners. Everyone who owns a car, drives, or rides in an automobile should understand th… Read More
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distracted driving accident

Distracted Driving Accidents

Kansas law makes it illegal to text while driving, because texting creates a driver distraction that causes accidents. Other forms of distracted driving are equally dangerous, even though they may not be illegal. If you receive injuries because of a… Read More
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auto accident

Proving Fault in a Kansas Auto Accident

Under the Kansas no-fault auto insurance laws, you may only be able recover compensation from an at-fault driver if your injuries meet one of the thresholds established in the no-fault law. If you do have the basis for a claim, you need to establish… Read More
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car accident lawyer

Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you receive injuries in a car accident and someone else caused the crash, hiring a car accident lawyer is often the only way to receive full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. The car accident lawyers at Sloan Law Firm help accide… Read More
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Slip and fall

Can You Sue for Slip and Fall in Kansas?

If you receive injuries because of a slip and fall on another person’s business or private property, you may be able to recover compensation under Kansas law. This type of personal injury case is referred to as premises liability. Common premises l… Read More
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Female With Injury Getting Out Of a Car After accident

Whiplash, Concussion, and Other Common Car Accident Injury Types

Although some injuries are more common than others, there are many car accident injury types. Whiplash and concussion are injuries that many auto accident victims suffer. These injuries may not be immediately apparent and can be very dangerous. Often… Read More
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Should You Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney?

When Should You Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney?

If you lost a family member, and another person’s carelessness (negligence) or intentional conduct may have caused your loved one’s death, you may have the right to bring a specific type of lawsuit under Kansas law, called a wrongful death action… Read More
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Hidden in Plain Sight: Consumer Rights You Did Not Know You Had

There are several lesser known consumer rights that play a role in our everyday lives that you probably are not aware of. Read More
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