interest rates

How Rising Interest Rates Affect Estate Planning Strategies

Economic indicators and government statements confirm that rising interest rates are on the horizon. The fact became undeniable when the CPI (Consumer Price Index, a measure of inflation) hit a 40-year high in January 2022. Along with the other impac… Read More
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auto accident

Proving Fault in a Kansas Auto Accident

Under the Kansas no-fault auto insurance laws, you may only be able recover compensation from an at-fault driver if your injuries meet one of the thresholds established in the no-fault law. If you do have the basis for a claim, you need to establish… Read More
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miranda rights

Can Statements Made Before Miranda Rights Be Used in Court?

Police must advise detained individuals of specific Constitutional rights, known as their Miranda rights. Failure of police to give the warnings when required may result in the inadmissibility of evidence in court. However, there are several exceptio… Read More
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car accident lawyer

Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you receive injuries in a car accident and someone else caused the crash, hiring a car accident lawyer is often the only way to receive full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. The car accident lawyers at Sloan Law Firm help accide… Read More
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Slip and fall

Can You Sue for Slip and Fall in Kansas?

If you receive injuries because of a slip and fall on another person’s business or private property, you may be able to recover compensation under Kansas law. This type of personal injury case is referred to as premises liability. Common premises l… Read More
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retaliation in the workplace

Examples of Workplace Retaliation

The federal and state laws that protect employees against discrimination and harassment also prohibit workplace retaliation by an employer when an employee exercises their rights under those laws or participates in the processes that protect those ri… Read More
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Ryan Brungardt

Ryan Brungardt Becomes Member

Vernon L. Jarboe, president of the law firm of Sloan, Eisenbarth, Glassman, McEntire & Jarboe, LLC is pleased to announce that Ryan Brungardt has been accepted as a Member of the firm effective January 1, 2022. Ryan has been with the firm since 2… Read More
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Guardian of a Child

How to Become a Legal Guardian of a Child in Kansas

Family circumstances sometimes lead a grandparent or other family member to ask for court appointment as the legal guardian of a child. Complicated Kansas laws govern court decisions and the legal process of guardianships for minors. If you are consi… Read More
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dismissed with prejudice

What Does “Dismissed With Prejudice” Mean in a Criminal Case?

When a judge dismisses pending criminal charges, the case is either dismissed with prejudice or dismissed without prejudice. The character of the dismissal makes a significant difference to both the defendant and the prosecutor. Dismissal of a crimin… Read More
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business succession planning

Business Succession Planning: Is Your Business Covered?

If you are a business owner, business succession planning protects your business, as well as you and your family. Without proper planning, your family and your business can encounter a myriad of legal and financial problems if you can no longer run t… Read More
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